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Nolato Medical Camp 2016


Welcome to the 15th annual Nolato Medical Camp!

Effective and risk-minimized product development and manufacturing has shown to be a major concern for our customers. To demonstrate to you what solutions can look like, we will on this year’s Camp highlight the theme:

Robust Innovation and Design – how ambitious ideas become reliable production

Together with a couple of interesting professionals within the Medtech Industry we will examine this important topic from a variety of angles! Our guest speakers this year are for example: Guido Schmitz from Bayer Healthcare, Kevin Deane from PA Consulting Group, Annelie Pompe, freediver and explorer with an interesting insight in extreme project management, as well as further experts in reliable mold concepts and robust automation solutions.

June 1 – 2, 2016 at Hotel Skansen in Båstad, Sweden. Click here for the detailed programme!

As always, the Nolato Medical Camp offers a great opportunity to meet with other professionals from the Medtech & Pharma Industry. To catch up with one another, exchange ideas on current market trends and discuss best practices.

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