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Die cutting with speed, precision, higher quality and lower cost.

We have extensive experience of rotary die cutting advanced tapes and gaskets for the mobile phone industry.
Compared with traditional flatbed die cutting, we can combine different materials much more flexibly.
The end product is built up by several different materials laminated together, giving the particular qualities required for your application, whether it’s for sealing, shock absorbing, packing or other.
Having in-house resources means we can give you customized, innovative solutions quickly – from prototypes (1-2 days) to hard tool volumes (1-2 weeks).
It also means flexibility and short lead-time for changes, as well as optimum pricing and quality for total-solution assignments.

For more information, please contact:

Dan Wong, Managing Director,
Lövepac Converting
Phone: +8610 67805580 ext 10
Mobile: +86 135 110 69375

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